Hi there!
I'm Vitor S. Fortunato,

and this is my world...

About Me

I got in Berlin in December 2016 to work for homeday.de, a startup company focused on the Real Estate business. Homeday hired me mainly because of my background on both Programming and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In this new challenging position, my goal is to geo-analyze the real state market and build web maps.

Prior to Homeday, I spent 8 years working for inflor.com.br, where I started as a junior developer and, over the years, made my way up the ladder until reaching the position of GIS area coordinator and also a stakeholder of the company. At INFLOR, I have contributed to deliver several projects to the biggest pulp (forestry) players in the world.

— Vitor S. Fortunato

Skills Highlights

Surely, GIS is more than a passion in my life. Almost every project that I've contributed is geo-related somehow.

However, as an usual Computer Scientist, I never set aside my programming skills. Along the way in my professional career, I have learned many other technologies. In addition to the skills highlighted on the following list, I have experience working with: ESRI, PostGIS, AWS, RESTful APIs, Travis, MVC, TDD, Git...

My favorite backend framework is Django, although I do also have some experience with Rails.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Ruby on rails


Over my entire career, I've contributed to roughly 40 projects. The following listed projects are the ones which stand out the most.

International Experience


2017 - current

GIS Analyst @ Homeday

  • Working on a challenging project to geo-analyze the Real Estate market in Germany. Focusing a lot on spatial analysis: zonal statistics, reclassification, point pattern analysis and statistics.
  • Producing new web maps using Leaflet, Slippy Tile, PostGIS and Rails GeoJSON API on AWS.
2015 - 2016

Lead Software Engineer @ INFLOR

  • Led and trained a team of seven engineers to manage software design and maintenance issues.
  • Implemented Scrum and Git (SourceTree + git-flow) to be used by the maintenance team, decreasing the backlog of requests by 60%.
  • Developed several Python applications to automate GIS daily tasks.
2011 - 2014

GIS Area Coordinator @ INFLOR

  • Increased the annual revenue of system's improvements from 50k to 150k by training the team to sell improvements as they interact with the customers in the maintenance.
  • Cross cultural customer cooperation, including clients from across South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • EAI: Biztalk, WebServices, REST, async calls, SAP, PIMS.
2007 - 2010

Developer and Architect @ INFLOR

  • Full-stack web dev: MCV, CSS, js, ASP.NET, IIS, Oracle, SQL Server, AI.
  • ESRI Suite: ArcGIS Mobile, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcObjects.
  • Windows Mobile Applications.

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